IPhone 12 production in India suspended due to protests

The production of iPhone 12 in India is temporarily halted at the Foxconn factory in Chennai. This follows protests triggered by food poisoning, Reuters reports.

IPhone 12 production in India suspended due to protests

IPhone 12 production hiatus in India

The closure of the Indian factory for the production of the iPhone 12 will remain a reality for the whole week. Protesters are blocking a major road leading to the factory in reaction to the admission to hospital of 150 workers who suffered from food poisoning last week. The incident ignited other employee concerns that have since been reported to the state’s Department of Labor.

This factory is quite important in the eyes of Apple, with the group which intends to use it from February to produce iPhone 13. The first tests were conclusive, which will allow large-scale production to be set up. . A good part of the iPhone 13 produced there will be devoted to the Indian market, but a certain number will concern other countries.

It is in any case certain that this production stop for the iPhone 12 will not necessarily help Apple at this end of the year period. But some analysts are still confident and don’t think the impact will be that great. On the other hand, they note that the plant will have to run at full speed in the first half of 2022 if Apple does not want to have significant deadlines.

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