iPhone 13: an annoying pink screen bug appears

Users with an iPhone 13 complain of a display bug with the smartphone screen turning pink. It happens suddenly, for no apparent reason.

Bug iPhone 13 Pink Screen

The iPhone 13 screen sees life in pink

The first reports of pink screen for the iPhone 13 date from a few months ago but they have been increasing in number for a few weeks. Users who are in this situation took their phone and had the most classic use, until the sudden change of color in the display.

People with this problem have been able to have their iPhone replaced with a newer model. But not everyone was so lucky. Indeed, customers have so far been refused.

Apple reacted to this screen story, but only in China. Indeed, the group published on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter) the following message: “We have not noticed any significant issues in the hardware of the devices as this situation is caused when the system is locked”. Apple therefore seems to suggest that it is a software problem. An iOS update could therefore correct the situation.

The current advice given by Apple in China is to backup the iPhone and update to the latest version of iOS to see if the problem persists. The current version is iOS 15.2.1. There will (normally) be iOS 15.3 coming next week.

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