iPhone 13: Apple would not reintegrate the noise reduction function

Many iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro users had noticed it: the new iPhone models no longer offer a noise reduction option during mobile calls, a function that was present on previous generations. An oversight from Apple that can be rectified via a simple update?

iPhone Call Noise Reduction Option

Not at all if we are to believe one of the well-informed readers of our colleague 9to5Mac, who was told by a support employee that noise reduction would not be making a comeback on the iPhone 13 (Mini/Pro/ Pro Max). This information contradicts recent rumors which nevertheless reported a patch in preparation at Apple. The Cupertino company would not have given any explanation to justify this withdrawal of the ANC option, and probably will not give any in the future.

Simple hypothesis, it is possible that the microphones of the new iPhones are so efficient (compared to the previous gen) that the addition of an ANC (active noise reduction) option ultimately becomes useless. This information, however, contradicts rumors of a patch being prepared by Apple.

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