IPhone 13 depreciates half as much as Pixel 6

A SellCell study shows the various iPhone 13s depreciate much slower than Google’s Pixel 6s, while the Pixels were released two months after Apple’s new smartphones.

Google Pixel 6 Official Rear

Prices hold up better with Apple’s iPhone 13s

In the first month after launch, all iPhone 13 models depreciated an average of 24.9%. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, on the other hand, lost an average of 42.6% of their value. More recently, the iPhone 13 has regained some of its value, with a recovery of 3.1% of its value since the first month. Overall, the four iPhone 13s hold their price much better, resulting in minimized losses for customers looking to sell their new device.

In detail, the Pixel 6 that depreciates the least is the Pixel 6 with 128 GB of storage. The depreciation is 36.6%. At Apple, the iPhone 13 with 256 GB of storage is the one depreciating the least (-15.5%). Conversely, the Google model that depreciates the most is the Pixel 6 Pro with 128 GB of storage (-46.6%). At Apple, it’s the iPhone 13 mini with 512 GB of storage (-34.9%). This is hardly a surprise, considering that the iPhone 13 mini is the least popular of the lineup.

These differences are not in themselves really surprising. IPhones have been doing better for several years now compared to Android smartphones. This is one of the positives: reselling an iPhone and maintaining its value.

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