iPhone 13 Pro: Apple publishes 3 videos for video capabilities

Apple has uploaded three new videos to its YouTube channel to promote the video possibilities of the iPhone 13 Pro. The manufacturer has put a lot of emphasis on this since the announcement of the phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Photo Sensors

New videos for the iPhone 13 Pro

The new videos highlight some of the main functions of the iPhone 13 Pro’s sensors for filming content. The first video, titled “Detectives,” shows the cinematic mode in action with two people, one of whom is blurred in the background. The video then focuses on the person in the background as they see what is happening on the screen. Note that it is possible to modify the blur afterwards to know whether it should be on the person in the foreground or on the person in the background.

In the second video titled “Basement”, a woman walks through a dark house as she speaks with a mysterious voice. This time around, Apple is highlighting improvements to low-light shooting with the iPhone 13 Pro.

Finally, the third clip, titled “Pavel”, is an opportunity to have a black and white video, showing how users can capture more detail and make a movie more dramatic using the new telephoto lens which features optical zoom. x3.

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