iPhone 13: the new colors of the MagSafe shells are leaking

Spring is starting soon and Apple will take advantage of this season to launch new colors for MagSafe shells for the iPhone 13. A photo already reveals the shells in question.

Leaked New MagSafe iPhone 13 Cases Spring 2022

Soon new MagSafe covers for the iPhone 13

If we are to believe the leak coming from Majin Bu, Apple will offer four new colors for the iPhone 13 MagSafe shells: yellow, orange, blue and dark green. Some existing hulls are close to the new models, but have color nuances.

The fact that the cases have leaked and that there is already the packaging to go with it strongly suggests that the launch is soon. Rumors point to a keynote for March 8, including the presentation of the new iPhone SE. One can easily imagine that Apple will take advantage of this conference to touch on two words concerning the new colors of the accessories.

A priori, there will be four new colors and nothing more. As a reminder, Apple charges 55 euros for silicone models and 65 euros for leather models. There is little chance that the price will drop with the arrival of new models.

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