iPhone 14 Pro: a 3D rendering synthesizes the most probable rumors

As surprising as it may seem, theiPhone 14 Pro not really overwhelmed by 3D renderings. However, it is not the leaks, CAD diagrams or hulls of props that are missing. And precisely, it is here a manufacturer of accessories for smartphones, the company Pigtou, who asked leaker David Kowalski (better known by his stage name xleaks7) to make a nice 3D rendering of the device, of course taking into account the most recent and above all the most probable rumors. So we end up with an iPhone with a general design still just as inspired by the iPhone 4, but without the famous notch this time (replaced by the pill orifice + hole combo), and a rear photo block that still protrudes a little (the first there were rumors of a block not sticking out of the case, but that changed recently).

iPhone 14 Pro 3D rendering

For the rest, nothing changes, except of course what we do not see, that is to say the Bionic A16 processor (15 for the iPhone 14) supported by 6 GB of RAM and a telescopic sensor for a plus big zoom. The iPhone 14/14 Pro will probably be unveiled during a keynote in September.

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