iPhone 14 Pro: a hole and a pill instead of the notch

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will no longer have a notch, but a hole and a pill on the top of the screen according to Ross Young. The analyst, who specializes in screens, is generally very well informed.

iPhone 14 Pro Pill Hole

A hole and a pill for the iPhone 14 Pro?

This choice is interesting. Rumors had first announced that the iPhone 14 Pro would no longer have a notch, to have a hole instead. More recently, there have been hallway noises suggesting a pill-shaped bubble rather than a hole. And here we learn today that Apple would offer … both.

“We now believe that Apple will have a hole + a pill on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The smaller hole will not be invisible… the concept of the two holes will be unique to Apple, like the notch, and not similar to all Huawei models with pills ”, tweeted Ross Young. This one made a faultless in 2021 with all its information on the iPad mini and the MacBook Pro. He was notably the only one to announce Mini-LED screens with ProMotion. And it’s true, new laptops have such screens.

The photo he shares in his tweet is actually not recent. Indeed, it was first shared on Twitter. last september. The hole on the left would be Face ID and the pill on the right would be the photo sensor. This design was a prototype in September and now Apple seems to have decided to go definitively on this format.

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