iPhone 14 Pro: what we can expect (eSIM, 48 Mpx sensor, A16 4nm, etc.)

L” iPhone 14 Pro could be to the iPhone what the iPhone 4 and the iPhone X… have already been to the iPhone, a model breaking with the previous ranges without being a revolution either. If we add up the “leaks” or rumors concerning the iPhone Pro and Pro Max, the changes are indeed both numerous and important:

  • A screen without notch: this time, Apple would hide the notch, which does not mean the end of Face ID. If we are to believe the famous leaker Jon Prosser, the iPhone 14 Pro screen would only display a punch camera placed at the top and center of the panel.
  • A widely revised design: no more notch, but also, no more protruding photo block on the back of the device. The new design would make room, with the addition of a titanium shell! Apple could go even further by completely removing the charging port. According to Prosser, only an iPhone 14 Pro model will still be equipped with a Lightning port!

IPhone Render 14 2

  • An A16 processor engraved in 4 nm and 8 GB of RAM. The 3nm will not be at the rendezvous of the A16, but the planets seem to be aligned for a processor engraved in 4nm by the unavoidable TSMC. Some analysts, however, expect 5nm to be maintained. The 8 GB of Ram could also become standard on the Pro range and the storage capacity would climb to 2TB.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro would ship Wi-Fi 6E, a new transfer standard that ensures higher performance, lower latency as well as faster transfer rates, all extended with the 6 GHz band.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max’s photo block would incorporate a 48 megapixel sensor. No change expected on the other 2 sensors (still 12 Mpx)
  • End of the SIM card for the iPhone 14 Pro! If we are to believe the latest rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max would be equipped with an eSIM and only an eSIM.
  • This is the forecast of yours truly, but it does not seem crazy to imagine that the iPhone 14 could have specific functions concerning the first Apple VR headset (data transfer between devices in particular, calls taken charge under the helmet etc.)

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