iPhone 14 Pro with Face ID under the screen?

Since the launch of the iPhone X, the first Apple smartphone to introduce the notch, there has been a lot of debate about the future of this distinctive feature. Will the iPhone 14 Pro be the first Apple smartphone without a notch?

iPhone 14 Pro, Face ID

According to the famous leaker dylandkt (very reliable given the rumors of the recent 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro) the next iPhone 14 Pro could abandon the notch to make way for a more discreet solution. The iPhone 14 Pro might only have one hole on the front face, with Face ID placed under the screen.

“I am able to confirm the information regarding the display of a camera hole on the iPhone Pro 14 models. Face ID will be placed below the screen. The functionality of these sensors will not deteriorate in the face of these changes. “

In short, the leaker says he is convinced that the choice of Apple will not force users to make compromises in functional terms. Undoubtedly good news if Apple comes to confirm it during the official presentation next fall. There are still several months to go until the iPhone 14 launches, so you just have to follow the rumor machine to understand which direction Apple is going to take.

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