iPhone 15: it smells good for the A17 processor in 3nm

I’iPhone 15 is still a long way off, you might say, but sometimes you have to know how to get a little ahead. In all likelihood, in fact, theiPhone 14 which will be presented in September should integrate an A16 chip engraved at best in 4nm (some analysts expect 5nm to be maintained). On the other hand, the big leap seems to be taking shape for theiPhone 15 next year: TSMCin charge of the production of all the processors Apple (Ax and Mx therefore) would be advancing rapidly on the 3nm engraving process, to the point of being able to envisage mass production from the second quarter of 2023. TSMC would thus be three months ahead of its initial schedule.


3nm production from the second quarter of 2023 would in any case stick exactly with the period corresponding to the start of production of components for the future iPhone 15, which means that there is a good chance that the A17 will be engraved in 3nm . Note that TSMC is currently working on three chip etching processes in 3 nm, namely N3, N3B and N3E. It would be the least sophisticated process, the N3E, which would currently give the best yields.

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