iPhone 15 Pro: BOE would ensure the production of OLED LTPO panels

BOE has truly earned its stripes as a screen supplier for the iPhone. A time in Apple’s waiting room for small production quality concerns, the Chinese supplier now has the full confidence of Cupertino. As proof, if we believe the site The Elec, BOE would have recovered the production of the OLED LTPO panels of the future iPhone 15 Pro which will be marketed next year. The screens of the other models would still be manufactured by Samsung and LG. Regarding the new models of 2022, BOE would “just” produce the panels of the iPhone 14 (not Pro therefore).


As a reminder, the panels of the iPhone 15 Pro will provide a variable (and automatic) refresh rate up to 120Hz. With its Ax chip and ultra-smooth screen, the iPhone 15 Pro should quickly become the iPhone of choice for those who like to play with their mobile… The iPhone 15 Pro should also benefit from the design change initiated with the iPhone 14 Pro (notch end in particular).

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