iPhone 15 Pro: new “leaks” point to a periscopic sensor with x5 zoom

The rumor is not new in itself since at the very beginning of this month of January, rumors were circulating that the iPhone 15 Pro of 2023 would indeed have a periscope sensor with x10 zoom. Rebelotte therefore, but this time, analyst Jeff Pu expects an optical zoom of “only” x5. Still according to this same analyst, Apple would be in negotiation with the firm Lante Optics for the production of the components necessary for this periscopic sensor. The supplier could well be alone on the spot for the manufacture of these new sensors.

iPhone 13 Pro Photo Sensors Blue

Apple would like to conclude the deal as early as May, which says a lot about the level of preparation upstream of next year’s iPhone. The Cupertino company would also have received the first test samples of these sensors. If all goes well then (understand, if Apple validates the samples), the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will benefit from a 5x optical zoom, which would be a big improvement over the current models. Lante Optics could ultimately produce up to 100 million of its sensors for Apple.

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