iPhone 15 Pro: no more physical SIM card and only eSIM?

A new rumor speaks of the iPhone 15 Pro and more particularly of the supposed absence of the drawer for the physical SIM card. Apple would therefore rely exclusively on eSIM.

iPhone SIM Card Drawer

The end of the physical SIM with the iPhone 15 Pro?

As it is, the iPhones have a physical SIM card drawer and an eSIM (two eSIMs even on the iPhone 13). It is thus possible to use one or the other, or both to have two lines on the same device. If we are to believe the Brazilian site BlogDoiPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro will be a game-changer and will no longer have a physical SIM card drawer. It would be replaced by an additional eSIM.

There have already been rumors that Apple wanted to offer an iPhone without any ports. In particular, it was a question of completely removing the Lightning port. We can therefore imagine that the removal of the physical SIM card drawer would be the next logical step to have an iPhone without any port.

However, having eSIM exclusively is not easy. Indeed, not all operators in the world offer this support. In France alone, it was not until December 2020 that Free Mobile offered it. It was already available at Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, and has been for a while.

In view of the situation, it is possible that Apple only offers iPhone 15 Pro without a physical SIM card drawer in countries where all operators offer eSIM. France is an example of a country where this would be technically feasible.

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