iPhone 15 Pro with Face ID under the screen!?

Samsung Display is developing new camera technology to deploy below the screen, with Apple likely to use it starting with the iPhone 15 Pro to hide Face ID below the screen.

iPhone 15 Pro, Face ID

According to The Elec, Apple has already informed Samsung that it wants to use this technology, so that it can completely or almost eliminate the notch and hide the Face ID system under the screen.

While with the iPhone 14 Pro there may already be a first step towards removing the notch, replaced by two holes, one of which is pill-shaped, with the iPhone 15 Pro the notch could almost completely disappear. Specifically, on the screen we would only see a small hole for the front camera, while the entire Face ID system would be integrated under the screen.

Samsung technology would make Face ID sensors invisible to the naked eye, like the camera hidden under the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold3. On the Fold3, the pixel density on the camera below the screen is lower than the rest of the screen to allow light to reach the camera, but this solution causes the camera to produce relatively poor quality images. For this reason, Apple only wants to integrate Face ID under the screen, not the front camera.

It remains to be seen whether the under-screen version of Face ID would be as effective as it is today even inserted under the screen. The first implementation of this solution is therefore expected with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max which will be released in 2023.

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