iPhone 6 Plus joins Apple’s discontinued product graveyard

It was announced since mid-December:iPhone 6 Plus officially joins the cemetery of elephants, ie the list of old or “obsolete” Apple products. This does not mean that your iPhone 6 Plus will stop working the minute you read this, but that Apple no longer provides repairs, no longer supplies spare parts, not to mention of course iOS updates. , which no longer concern the iPhone 6 Plus for quite some time. As a reminder, the iPhone 6 Plus was launched on the market in 2014.

iPhone 6 owners, on the other hand, can breatheā€¦ while there is still time. This model had indeed been relaunched on the market by Apple in 2017, which earned it to see its obsolescence date postponed for a few more years. Unfortunately, apart from repair and spare parts, the iPhone 6 no longer receives new versions of iOS since iOS 13 (2019).


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