iPhone: Apple activates the license and the identity card in the United States

Apple announces that the iPhone can now accommodate the identification card and driver’s license in the United States, starting with the state of Arizona. Other states will be added gradually over time.

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iPhone can store US license and ID card

Arizona residents can add their driver’s license and ID card to Apple’s Maps app on iPhone and Apple Watch today. They can then present the documents to the TSA (security checks) at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. No need to necessarily provide physical documents, the digital version on iPhone is enough. Apple also says this feature is also available at select TSA checkpoints in other states. Travelers are advised to check checkpoint signage to confirm availability of this feature.

Other states that will soon add support for their residents include Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Ohio. The territory of Puerto Rico will also be added to the list. As for the other American states, we will have to wait more. And what about internationally? Apple doesn’t even mention the subject…

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“We’re excited to bring the first driver’s license and ID card in the Maps app to Arizona today, and to provide Arizonans with an easy, secure, and private way to present their ID card. identity when they travel, with a simple tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch”said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president for Apple Pay and Apple Cards. “We look forward to working with many other states and the TSA to bring ID support in the Maps app to US users.”.

The conditions required to benefit from it

To have the functionality, you must have an iPhone 8 at least which runs on iOS 15.4 or a more recent version. As for the watch, you need at least an Apple Watch Series 4 running watchOS 8.4 or later.

Apple says users will be prompted to perform a series of facial and head movements during the setup process as an additional fraud prevention measure. Also, Apple advises that each state is responsible for verifying and approving the user’s application.

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