iPhone: Apple would still seek to diversify its suppliers for 5G modems

Apple is looking for new partners for the production of 5G modem chips for its iPhone. TSMC would have already recovered the entire production of these chips for theiPhone 14but the Cupertino company could add the Taiwanese company to the loop ASE Technology, which owns Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) and Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL). ASE could intervene for the development and test phases in limited production of the 5G modem chips of the iPhone 15 (from 2023 therefore).

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The cut with Qualcomm is therefore almost complete, especially since Apple has free rein to design its own network chips from the portfolio of 5G patents acquired by Intel. Still, Qualcomm holds a number of essential patents (SEP) on 5G modems, patents subject to FRAND license pricing rules, and it is hard to see how Apple could override the payment of licenses to the American founder.

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