iPhone depreciates (really) much slower than Android flagships

To say “The iPhone depreciates less quickly than Android flagships” is almost a truism, but it is sometimes good to remind which point this difference in depreciation is significant, supporting figures if possible. If we are to believe BankMyCell, which conducted its little survey, an iPhone would lose, on average, “only” 48% of its initial value 4 years after its launch. Over the same period, a flagship Android would plummet to just 20% of its initial value, and an entry-level or mid-range Android smartphone would only be worth 10% of its initial resale price! After barely a year, the shower is already cold on Android’s side, a top-of-the-range Android flagship already losing almost a third of its value, the iPhone largely limiting breakage with a drop in price (at the resale) by only 14%.

iPhone depreciation

The only exception to this quasi “rule”, the iPhone SE of 2020 would have lost 38.32% of its value just 8 short months after its launch! Badly positioned against the entry-level models of the “premium” iPhone and without Face ID, this model ultimately did not appeal to potential buyers and even less to “second-hand” buyers. BankMyCell finally notes that the iPhone 13 would seem to resist the discount even better.

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