IPhone Dominates Global 5G Smartphone Market

Strategy Analytics figures leave little room for doubt: in the third quarter of 2021, the iPhone dominates global sales of 5G compatible smartphones, with 25% of this specific market, far ahead of Xiaomi, Oppo and Samsung (only 4th on 5G). Apple outclasses its competitors here in both sales volume and turnover, with the average purchase price of an iPhone (generally between $ 800 and $ 900) being particularly high.

iPhone Pdm Q3 2021

If Apple has therefore brilliantly succeeded in its transition to 5G, the same cannot be said of Samsung, which is now in fourth place in sales. Would the South Korean giant become first and foremost a manufacturer of technologically outdated low-cost mobiles? The weak sales of the last generations of Galaxy Sx are perhaps the sign of this repositioning of the market which is a bit worrying for the future of the world number one. Strategy Analytics notes that 5G market revenues tripled in Q3 2021. In terms of growth in this market, Honor is growing the fastest (+ 194%), followed by… Motorola (owned by Lenovo) !

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