iPhone Face ID Repair: Price Revealed and Other Details

Soon, the Apple Stores will be able to repair Face ID without having to change the iPhone, with the cost which should be 179 euros in France.

iPhone 13 Pro Notch

Details and price for Face ID repair

This price of 179 euros to have Face ID repaired on iPhone in the Apple Store is more advantageous than the current formula. This, which requires changing the entire phone, is billed between 400 and 600 euros depending on the model. It is certain that the portfolio will appreciate the change.

This new feature, which will soon be in place, will affect all iPhones with Face ID, except the iPhone X. According to iGen, Apple has made sure with this model (which was the first to have Face ID) that unauthorized repairers will not can touch this component, which has the same serial number as the phone’s logic board. One cannot therefore be separated from the other to be replaced by another module.

Additionally, iPhone 13s (regardless of variant) will not be eligible initially. This is due to a lack of parts. But this is a temporary situation. On the other hand, there will be no particular problem for the other models.

Apple has not yet given a date for the repair of Face ID without changing the whole iPhone. Apple Store employees are simply waiting for the green light. Also, it is worth noting that the iPad Pro are not affected by this modification.

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