iPhone production returns to “normal”, but with Covid-19 tests

Foxconn, the main iPhone assembler, announces that production in China has returned to “normal”. Despite everything, there is a risk of a potential suspension of production depending on what will happen over the next few days.

Foxconn Employees

iPhone production back to normal…for now

From now on, all Foxconn employees at the main iPhone production plant in Zhengzhou, China must take tests to check whether or not they are positive for Covid-19. “Foxconn complies with local government’s anti-Covid-19 measures”the company told Bloomberg. “Operations in Zhengzhou are normal at this time.”

You should know that China has a different policy from other countries. The goal is not to live with Covid-19, but to get rid of the virus once and for all. And if there are positive cases, the country does not hesitate to impose confinements. This is currently the case in certain regions, including Shanghai. This also has an impact on the delivery of many Apple products, including the Mac Studio, the Studio Display and the MacBook Pro with delays that are extended. Also, more than 30 Taiwanese companies including Pegatron (which, like Foxconn, assembles iPhones) and Quanta (manufacturer of MacBooks), have halted production in eastern China to comply with local Covid-related restrictions. -19.

The situation is therefore “normal” for the iPhone at Foxconn, but will it last? Only the future will tell us.

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