iPhone production would have increased by 66% in the fourth quarter of 2021

Apple had probably never experienced such a level of demand. If TrendForce is to be believed, Apple dramatically increased iPhone production volume in Q4 2021, to the point that it impacted the entire mobile industry. Indeed, Apple would have produced 85.6 million smartphones during Q4, an unprecedented volume, and above all 66% higher than in Q4 of the previous year! Please note, we are not talking here about the iPhones sold over the period but about those which are produced and which generally will find buyers in the weeks that follow (during Q1 2022, therefore here).

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The excellent shape of the iPhone would thus have enabled the mobile sector to record production growth of 9.5% during Q4. Over the whole of 2021, Apple would have produced 233 million iPhones, against 200 million a year earlier. TrendForce explains these excellent figures by the spectacular growth of Apple in China. The iPhone now occupies 16% of the Chinese market, compared to 10% in 2020. TrendForce estimates that it will sell 1.38 billion smartphones in 2022.

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