iPhone: removing earphones and charger would have saved Apple 6 billion euros

The new conditions for the sale of smartphones within the European community oblige manufacturers to no longer market smartphones with chargers and earphones included. According to the Daily Mail, which did its little calculation, Apple would save up to 32 euros on average on each iPhone sold. Knowing that since the establishment of these commercial obligations nearly 190 million have been sold, the site estimates the savings already made by Apple at 7 billion euros. This massive saving could reach 10 billion euros this year since Apple plans to sell between 250 and 270 million iPhones in 2022.

Box iPhone Charger Power Adapter

And that’s not all, because the removal of the earphones and the charger would have pushed many iPhone buyers… to buy AirPods and an Apple charger, this time at full price. Or how an “ecologically” based idea – Apple has set itself the goal of reducing its footprint by 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year – has turned into a new cash machine for the Cupertino company…

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