iPhone Reportedly Dominated Global Smartphone Sales in Q4 2021

More than one in five smartphones sold worldwide in the last quarter of 2021… is a iPhone. This is the observation of the analysis company Canalys, which estimates that iPhones occupied nearly 22% of Pdm during Q4 2021, i.e. 2 points of Pdm more than the Galaxy of Samsung, and nearly 10 points of Pdm in front of Xiaomi. Apple is doing a little less well than last year (23% market share in Q4 2020), but in a context of greatly worsened component shortages. We note that apart from Samsung’s progress (from 17% to 20% market share over one year), the main manufacturers in the sector are stagnating or losing a bit of feathers (Oppo and Vivo in particular).

iPhone Pdm Q4 2021

Canalys attributes the good sales of the iPhone 13 to the Chinese market… where the iPhone would far outclass the mobiles of competing brands. These percentages are unfortunately not accompanied by any sales figures, and we will therefore content ourselves with recalling that the average of analysts’ projections revolves around the 83 million iPhones sold over the period.

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