iPhone sales are (finally) increasing significantly in India

Apple has long been struggling in India, which certainly represents a huge market in terms of the number of mobile subscribers but which is also a low-cost and/or entry-level market, where Apple is simply not present . Despite ultra-unfavorable starting conditions, iPhone sales still increased significantly in Q4 2021. The Indian site The Business Standard reports that iPhone sales grew by 34% in the fourth quarter. , which translates to 2.3 million iPhones sold.

Admittedly, Apple is still far from the Indian market leaders Xiaomi (9.3 million copies sold on the Q4) and Samsung (7.2 million), but this allows the Cupertino company to enter the top 10. of the largest manufacturers with 5% market share. It should be remembered that not so long ago, the Pdm of the iPhone in India struggled to exceed… 1%. For Neil Shah, chief analyst at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, “This is a turning point for Apple in India. Indians were willing to put money on premium phones during the pandemic because everyone’s life revolved around their devices and there was nothing else to spend. »

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