iPhone sales: for Gartner, it’s a full box for Apple, with nearly 22% of Pdm!

Gartner took its time to deliver its estimates for smartphone sales worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2021, but it must be said that the pandemic did not really facilitate the collection of the necessary data. Gartner’s table also differs from that of IDC or Counterpoint on one essential point: the analysis firm delivers here the Pdm of smartphone sales to the end customer, and not only the mobiles distributed to physical or online stores. And obviously, taking into account only sales to the end customer does indeed change the situation: in Q4 2021, iPhone sales would thus have greatly outclassed those of Samsung mobiles, even if the South Korean giant has a little reduced the gap with Apple (over one year) thanks to strong growth (+11%).

iPhone Pdm Q4 2021 end customer

Apple would therefore have sold nearly 83 million iPhones in Q4, or 21.9% of the mobile market. Samsung would be quite far behind over the period (14 million copies sold less), and would be satisfied with 18.2% of Pdm, which is a little better than the 16.1% of Pdm of Q4 2020. Behind, Xiaomi is lagging behind with nearly 45 million mobiles sold to the end customer, and once is not custom shows much weaker growth than usual (+3.2%). On the OPPO side, it’s a bit of a grimace soup with sales down by almost 2 million units (-5.2%) and it’s even worse for Vivo (-10.6% ). Overall, the mobile market would have slowed down a little in Q4 2021 compared to Q4 2020 (-1.7%).

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