iPhone SE (3): 5G compatibility not at the level of that of the iPhone 13/13 Pro

With the somewhat incongruous presence in 2021 of Touch ID, this is undoubtedly the second reason for small disappointment with the new iPhoneSE that Apple presented last night. We have just learned that the 5G compatibility of this model only supports frequencies below the 6 GHz band (unlike the iPhone 13/13 Pro), even though the optimum of 5G at millimeter waves (mmWave ) requires going beyond.

iPhone SE 3 2022 Official

As a reminder, on the band beyond the 6 GHz frequencies, the speed can reach 4 Gb/s, a transfer speed which will therefore not be possible to obtain on the new SEs. Francesca Sweet, the young director of product lines for the iPhone, therefore embellished things a little during the keynote by presenting the arrival of 5G on the SE as the third wonder of the world. The iPhone SE starts at 529 euros and pre-orders are open from this Friday, March 11. The iPhone SE will go on sale March 18.

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