iPhone SE 3: launching next week with Belkin accessories?

A launch of the iPhone SE 3 for next week seems to be confirmed with a new protective film from Belkin. The props, which Apple often highlights on its store, suggests an arrival in a few days.

Belkin iPhone SE 2022 Screen Protector Leak

Imminent launch for iPhone SE 3

On Amazon in Japan, Belkin has recently offered a protective film for an “iPhone SE 3” with a sale scheduled for March 10. There is a time difference between the United States (where Apple is located) and Japan. Thus, March 10 in Japan can correspond to March 9 in the United States depending on the time and a keynote in a week to unveil the new iPhone SE has already been talked about.

At the moment it is not possible to buy the protection film from Belkin. It is displayed as “temporarily out of stock”. But stock will suddenly appear next week when Apple is expected to make its new phone official.

It is true that Apple has a habit of holding its keynotes on Tuesdays and it was rumored that it was March 8th. Apple usually sends out its invites a week in advance, but there was nothing yesterday. Three scenarios are then possible: the keynote will indeed take place on March 8 and the invitations will be sent today (it has already happened that Apple sent the invitations 6 days before), it will take place later or it is canceled because of the war in Ukraine. In the event of cancellation, Apple could take care of simply announcing its products with press releases.

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