IPhone SE 3: suppliers prepare for launch in early 2022

It will take until early 2022 to qualify for the iPhone SE 3, but Apple suppliers are preparing now. According to Digitimes, several of them are preparing to ship the components that can then be used to assemble the new phone.

IPhone SE 3: suppliers prepare for launch in early 2022

It is being prepared on the side of the suppliers of the iPhone SE of 2022

Suppliers of the moving coil motor and other components haven’t seen lower orders for the iPhone 13s and are gearing up for the iPhone SE 3, which is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2022 if one the leaks are to be believed.

Several information has already circulated regarding the new iPhone SE. It should keep the design of the existing model, namely a 4.7-inch LCD screen, bezels around the screen, Touch ID and 3 GB of RAM. The main difference will be in performance with the A15 chip. It is the same one found in the iPhone 13. Support for 5G will also be there.

It will obviously be necessary to wait until 2023 to have an iPhone SE 4 which will have a design change. Yesterday we learned that this model would be entitled to a larger screen and 4 GB of RAM. It could be that the design is based on the iPhone XR (and not the iPhone 8 anymore).

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