iPhone SE 3 with MagSafe and Ceramic Shield

Last-minute rumors tell us that the iPhone SE 3 that will be unveiled tonight will be entitled to MagSafe, Ceramic Shield and better battery life.

iPhone SE 3, MagSafe, Ceramic Shield

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone SE 3 would have Ceramic Shield technology on the front glass. As Apple explains, the Ceramic Shield is a “dual ion-exchange process” that introduces nano-ceramic crystals directly into the glass, providing better drop resistance. Ceramic Shield was first used on the iPhone 12 in 2020. Pricing is expected to start at $399.

Additionally, the new iPhone SE is also expected to feature ‌MagSafe‌ technology, allowing users to clip various Apple and third-party accessories and chargers onto the back.

As for performance, the new ‌iPhone SE‌ will pack the A15 Bionic chip and 4GB of RAM, an increase from the current 3GB ‌iPhone SE‌. Additionally, the device will have 5G and a battery which, despite its small size, will offer a significantly greater autonomy than the current model.

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