iPhone: the European Parliament is in favor of easy-to-change batteries

I’iPhone all closed and with its port Lightning owner does not have much longer in Europe. After the obligatory passage to the pot USB-Cthe European Parliament has in fact just come out in favor of new rules concerning smartphone batteries, which should be much easier for the user to change, without having to go through a third-party service.

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It is for the moment a note of intent still far from being translated into a binding law for manufacturers, but it is now only a matter of years before the facilitated battery change becomes an obligation on the European market. “According to MEPs, by 2024, portable batteries used in devices such as smartphones, and LMT batteries should be designed so that consumers and independent operators can remove them from their devices themselves with ease and without any danger” recalls the press release of the European Parliament.

The easy change of the smartphone battery improves the life of the device, which is of course good for the planet, but will undoubtedly pose serious design concerns for manufacturers: what about IP68 certification or resistance? of the mobile with the return of the battery valve? Just remember the old smartphones that literally exploded into a thousand pieces on contact with the ground to understand that the task will not be easy…

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