iPhone users are real dangers behind the wheel according to this study

A perfectly serious new study reveals that Android users are better drivers than iPhone users. Indeed, regardless of age or social class, it is always the latter who have the fewest accidents and who adopt safer behavior. In addition, iPhone users have the unfortunate tendency to consult their smartphone while driving.

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Over the years, we’ve been treated to a slew of quirky polls involving Android and iOS users. Some want to be relatively serious and give a better view of everyone’s consumption habits, like this study which reveals that iPhone users change smartphones more often than their neighbors. Others, on the other hand, are lighter and seem to exist only to fuel the rivalry between the two camps. It seems that Android users are better lovers than others.

The latest falls into this category – which does not detract from its seriousness. Jerry, a smartphone car insurance comparator, wanted to determine which of Android and iPhone users are the best drivers. To do this, the application analyzed the driving data of 20,000 motorists over more than 13 million kilometers at the wheel. The observation is, to say the least, clear: in all categories, Android users crush their friends.

Beware of drivers who have an iPhone

Whether it’s distraction, speeding, cornering, accelerating or braking, Android users come out on top every time. Moreover, it is at the level of distraction that the difference is most felt. In other words, iPhone users are much more likely to check their smartphones while driving than others.

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Interestingly, the other parameters do not seem to influence the results. Thus, while the age or the social class of people generally have an effect on the behavior of the person, here they do not change the gap between Android and iPhone users. In fact, Android users without a bachelor’s degree drive better than iPhone users with a doctorate, while the latter tend to drive more cautiously.

For what it’s worth, Jerry also adds to his study that Android users are “more open, honest and humble, as well as less interested in luxury and social status. »

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Credits: Jerry

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