iPhone with new Apple subscription? Users are ready

In recent days, there has been talk of a possible new Apple hardware subscription, which would allow users to always have the latest iPhone available for a monthly subscription.

iphone subscription apple

According to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple has a large base of users who could activate an iPhone hardware subscription service.

CIRP has analyzed the behavior of consumers using subscription-related services and finds that iPhone owners exploit them very frequently and that Apple has a good user base who would adopt a hardware-based subscription service. By the way, nearly half of iPhone owners already finance their purchase, two-thirds use paid iCloud storage, and nearly half subscribe to Apple Music.

For this reason, paying a monthly fee to get the latest available iPhone wouldn’t be an absolute novelty for many users:

“Based on current consumer behavior, iPhone users are ready to adopt a subscription service that provides an iPhone bundled with other software services.

Nearly half of iPhone owners are already financing the purchase of the smartphone, by paying monthly for a new phone. And about a third trade in their old phone when buying a new one. Thus, a significant portion of Apple’s user base is accustomed to never owning a phone, but renting it. Importantly, iPhone users have also become accustomed to getting a new model every two to three years at most. Apple can easily pair these models with a program that regularly sends out a new phone in exchange for the old one, while also pairing other services like iCloud or Apple TV+. »

And you, would you activate a subscription of this type?

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