iPhone with reverse wireless charging via the screen?

Future iPhone models may allow reverse wireless charging to charge other devices. Additionally, they may be able to do this through the screen rather than from the back of the device.

iPhone, reverse charge

So far we have seen several Android devices equipped with the reverse wireless charging feature, which however requires you to place the device with the screen towards the table or other surface and place the device to be charged on it. . This practice is not well received by some users, especially those who do not use screen protectors. Placing the device with the screen toward a surface may scratch or damage it.

Apple, which has never introduced this technology to the iPhone, seems to be working on a new solution. Apple’s new patent, titled “Wireless Charging Via Display,” proposes to use the iPhone screen as a surface capable of charging another device.

“A personal electronic device (such as a smartphone or tablet) can be configured to wirelessly charge an accessory (such as a stylus) through the device screen. At least part of the display surface can be transparent to facilitate this technology. “

To implement this solution, Apple would have to use some kind of hybrid display. A section of the screen could then become transparent and allow wireless charging, while the remaining area could be used normally.

iPhone, reverse charge

But this solution could also prove impractical, since it would render the device practically unusable. Being able to place Apple Pencil on the edge of your iPad or iPhone screen and charge it wirelessly could be an interesting possibility. It would be less interesting, for example, to put your iPhone on your iPad to charge it.

In short, the fact that Apple is working on something different to improve this technology is a positive thing. Clearly, it will be necessary to understand whether this patent will lead sooner or later to a real technology that can be used on a daily basis.

This patent application is attributed to eight inventors. Among them is Zaki Moussaoui, whose previous work includes a patent application on wireless charger interference prevention with CarKey.

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