iPhone X: Apple can now fix Face ID without changing the whole phone

Apple adds the iPhone X to the list of devices that can be repaired in the Apple Store and in an authorized center with regard to Face ID, without changing the whole phone, indicates a memo from the group relayed by MacRumors.

iPhone X Face ID

A simplified repair for Face ID with the iPhone X

Last month, Apple launched a repair program to change Face ID without changing the whole phone, except with the iPhone X. Indeed, the program was compatible with all smartphones in the group up to the iPhone XS. Having an iPhone X required sticking to the old way. That changes from now on.

If you have an iPhone and are having trouble with Face ID for reason X or Y, you can contact Apple or visit an authorized repair center. Technicians will know how to replace the faulty module and return your iPhone to you once the repair is done. No need to completely change devices.

Apple said last month that the move will help reduce the number of full iPhone repairs, as part of the company’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its products.

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