iPhone X with Touch ID on the back, the Apple smartphone never presented!

Leaker Ben Geskin posted photos of an iPhone X with Touch ID on the back. The photo is dated 2017, but this device was never released by Apple.

iphone x touch id back

Before the launch of the iPhone X, there was a lot of talk about its design. At the time, rumors all said that the new iPhone would have a design without a Home button and with thinner bezels, but there were doubts about how Apple would replace fingerprint authentication via the front button. The leakers split into two groups: there were those who had successfully anticipated Face ID, and those who claimed that Apple would implement Touch ID on the back.

In the end, Apple went with the former, but apparently had a fallback if the Face ID system didn’t deliver the desired results in testing. This alternative involved the integration of a button on the back for fingerprint authentication.

The images above show the body of these alleged iPhone Xs that Apple had made.

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