IPhones and Apple Watches can be used as keys for Hyatt hotels

Apple’s former Wallet app can now be used to open Hyatt hotel rooms with iPhone or Apple Watch. This requires having at least iOS 15, since it is a feature specific to the update.

iPhone Cle Hotel Hyatt

Open a Hyatt hotel room with your iPhone or Apple Watch

Guests at participating hotels will be able to add a room key to Apple’s Maps app, then tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock their room doors and common areas like gyms, swimming pools and elevators. Adding a key to Apple Wallet requires iOS 15 and also works with an Apple Watch running watchOS 8.

Customers can hold their device near the NFC lock to access key / card protected areas, and with Express Mode, there is no need to unlock the iPhone to use the room key. If the iPhone’s battery is depleted, the power reserve feature allows you to continue using it to unlock the door for up to five hours.

Apple Watch Cle Hotel Hyatt

Hyatt explains that all guests can add their room virtual key in the Maps app on iPhone or Apple Watch right after making the reservation. They will have the right to information, such as the time of availability so that the virtual key is active. Also, a virtual key change can be done remotely, for example if the customer wants to change rooms or decides to stay longer than expected. All he has to do is make an adjustment at the Hyatt app level and the necessary will be done in the Maps app, with no need to stop by the front desk.

Initially, this novelty is available in six Hyatt hotels in the United States: Hawaii, Key West, Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley and Long Beach. Others will be added to the list over time. But there is no more information at the moment.

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