iPhones are still worth twice as much as Android smartphones for resale

iPhones continue to outsell their Android cousins. In 2021, the average resale price of an Apple smartphone was $199, compared to $98 for an Android phone. Also, this year saw a giant leap for the second-hand market, which generated $1 billion more than 2020.

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2021 has been an exceptional year for the resale of used smartphones. Indeed, an Assurant study reveals that the market generated a turnover of $3 billion (2.64 billion euros), or 1 billion dollars more than the previous year. Another interesting fact is that the last quarter was particularly excellent, generating $1.1 billion on its own. This is 40% more than in the third quarter.

During this period, it was the iPhone XR that was traded the most, bringing together a third of sales on its own. If these transactions were probably motivated by the launch of the iPhone 13, their former user owners are nonetheless winners. Assurant indeed points out that the resale price of an iPhone in 2021 is on average twice that of an Android smartphone.

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Credit: Assurant

iPhones sell for $200 compared to $100 for Android smartphones

Thus, an iPhone was resold on average $199 in 2021, while Android smartphone vendors hit $98 on their phone. In addition, the top 5 resold smartphones are entirely occupied by iPhones, namely in order theiPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The study thus confirms previous observations, which already claimed that Android smartphones lost twice as much value as their competitors over the same period.

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Biju Nair, president of Assurant, explains that this “record year is truly amazing and shows how important trade-in and upgrade programs are in moving consumers to 5G”. Indeed, the data seem to indicate a major craze for 5G smartphones, as more and more development network around the world. A craze, moreover, largely encouraged by the operators themselves with the help of ever more attractive packages.

Source: Assurant

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