iPhones sold in France will no longer have headphones

There is a change for iPhones sold in France: Apple will no longer offer headphones in the box. This will be a reality from January 24, 2022 if we are to believe information displayed by Fnac in its signs.

iPhone 13 Earphone Box France

The end of headphones in the iPhone box in France

“We inform you that our smartphone manufacturers are no longer required to deliver headphones/hands-free kits with their smartphones in France”, begins the message. Xiaomi will stop including headphones with its smartphones from January 17 and it will be from January 24 for iPhones in France.

We had already noticed last week the presence of new iPhone models at resellers without knowing what they corresponded to at the start. We then learned that these were models without headphones. This is still confirmed today through Fnac. Note that some merchants, such as Amazon, do not yet list new iPhones.

It’s all a question of French law

You should know that Apple still offered headphones in the box of its iPhones sold because of the law. This required manufacturers to include a hands-free kit. This bothered Apple and other manufacturers because they had to create a specific box for France in order to comply with the law. But as Fnac indicates in its message, there was a change at the end of 2021 with the law aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology in France and manufacturers are no longer obliged to include them. Apple has therefore made the decision not to continue.

The headphones offered by Apple in the box are the EarPods. These are wired headphones. You will now have to buy them separately if you want a pair. They are available at a price of 19 euros.

This is the second accessory that disappears from the box. Indeed, the charger has already disappeared. Apple says it did it for the environment. Apple’s power adapter costs 20 euros. There are, however, cheaper, certified Made for iPhone alternatives available from Amazon and other retailers.

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