Is Apple working on smart rings?

Apple is still working on what we might call smart rings or, in technical jargon, “wearable finger-entry systems”.

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A new patent from Apple that has just been revealed shows the Cupertino company’s work on smart rings in sufficient detail. The patent, titled “Wearable Input Assembly for Controlling an Electronic Device with Your Fingers”shows how a device can be worn on the finger.

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Some drawings in the patent indeed show a device worn on the tip of the finger. This, however, is only one of the assumptions made by the company, in fact most of the time the patent clearly refers to a device worn as a typical decorative ring.

While there are smart rings that already work through the adoption of physical buttons, Apple believes they are often inefficient and/or inefficient and often limit the ways a user can interact, or rather how they can generate particular user control signals. What Apple therefore offers is a “ring” capable of detecting and responding to multiple gestures also made with the other fingers.

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In other words, once the ring is worn, there will be commands that correspond to inputs that also come from the other fingers. For example, a side button can be reached and touched with the thumb of the same hand, or a “scroll” can be performed with the finger of the other hand.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about an Apple patent relating to a possible smart ring, so it’s clear the company is exploring new ways to interact with the surrounding world.

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