Is Servant a plagiarism? The case resumes on appeal

An appeals court has ruled that the director of “The Truth About Emanuel” can continue his lawsuit against Apple and director M. Night Shyamalan.


Originally filed in early 2020 by Francesca Gregorini, writer and director of ‘The Truth About Emanuel’, the complaint claims that Apple TV+’s ‘Servant’ series not only stole the film’s plot, but also copied the production choices. and cinematographic.

Arriving in theaters in 2013, The Truth About Emanuel starring Kaya Scoddelario and Jessica Biel features a 17-year-old babysitter caring for a child who turns out to be a doll. This doll was created to replace a recently deceased baby. The incipit is similar to that of Servant, but in the first instance, the judges agreed with Apple and declared that we could not speak of plagiarism.

“In summary, the purported similarities between the works pale in comparison to the differences in plot, theme, dialogue, mood, setting, pacing, characters, and sequence of events, and the Court concludes that the works in question are not substantially similar in law. ยป

However, yesterday an appeals court ruled in favor of Gregorini. The judges say the previous ruling is “inappropriate” because many other people may differ on whether the two works are substantially similar.

Director Gregorini seeks unspecified damages, the profits Apple made from the show, and an injunction to prevent the distribution of “Servant.”

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