iToolab AnyGo: change the GPS position of your iPhones without jailbreak and in a few clicks

Have you ever wanted to hide your location from certain applications or at least fool them into believing that you are somewhere else? Or want to make your friends on social networks believe that you are somewhere where you are not, or just want to play augmented reality games like Pokémon Go without having to leave your home? Well, know that software now allows you to do all of this: iToolab AnyGo.

No more jailbreaking to change your location

Until now, no tool has allowed you to modify, simulate a false GPS location or simply hide the location on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without resorting to jailbreaking. But that was before. Indeed, with AnyGo, you will not need to reach this extreme since the iToolab tool allows you to easily simulate any route and GPS position with just a few clicks.

To do this, you must first install the iToolab AnyGo software on your Mac or computer Windows. Once the software is installed on your PC, plug your iPhone into it using the Lightning USB cable. iToolab will then instantly detect your iPhone and display your GPS position as well as an interactive map.

Point-to-point route and multipoint route

To modify your GPS position, you have two possibilities: simulate a journey from point A to point B or simulate a journey passing through several points. You can use the search bar located at the top right of the software to draw the route you want to simulate but you can also indicate an address or insert precise geographic coordinates.

For the point-to-point route, the principle is simple. You just need to define a starting point and an ending point on the map, you can even determine whether you are making the trip on foot or by car and even schedule a round trip. You can also play with your trip by choosing at any time to speed up, slow down, pause your trip and then resume or cancel it.

As for the multipoint path, it’s just an extension of the point-to-point path. You can thus define a long route with as many waypoints as you want. The simulator will then complete the route in the order you have defined. Note that it is also possible to import a point file in GPX format of a trip that you have already made or simulated from Google Maps.

Lift all restrictions related to your location with iToolab AnyGo

Thus, AnyGo’s iToolab software is ideal and suitable for all iPhone owners who want to change the GPS position, simulate a false GPS route on the roads that you will draw on the software map or by importing a GPX file. iToolab also allows you to modify the GPS position of several devices simultaneously (with one click) and play geolocation-based AR games or applications without having to leave your home. the joystick mode will allow Pokemon Go players, for example, to generate precise movement that feels natural with options to customize speed (3.6km / h to 100km / h) and pause / continue.

But the usefulness of the tool goes even further in you since it allows you to access content and services that are restricted or inaccessible to you because of your location. iToolab also allows you to hide your location from applications and services.

iToolab AnyGo (Winodws and Mac) is compatible with older iPhones like iOS 10.3 as well as recent iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 and works with countless apps like Pokémon, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Bumble, Tinder, Scout, Grindr, Vie360, etc.

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