its resale price is significantly lower than that of an iPhone 13 according to this study

The Pixel 6 loses its value much faster than the iPhone 13 in the used market, according to research from SellCell. This doesn’t mean that it is worse, just that it is less sought after by consumers.

Credit: SellCell

The iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 are often compared. A logical thing, given that these are the two representatives of their OS, iOS on one side and Android on the other. This time, it is their resale value that is scrutinized by the SellCell site.

The site studied the market value of the versions of the two ranges with 45 resellers. A clear conclusion emerges: the value of the iPhone 13 depreciates less over time than that of the Pixel 6. On average, Pixel 6 lost 42% of their value for resale in just one month, against 24.9% for the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 loses less value than the Pixel 6 on resale

Even more, the iPhone 13s have seen their value rise over the months, since they only lose 21.6% of their value after three months. Since the Pixel 6 is newer, we don’t have data beyond a month for it.

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On the Pixel 6 side, the Pro with 128 GB of memory loses the most in a month (46.6%). In contrast, the classic Pixel 6 128 GB loses “only” 36% of its resale value, which is certainly a little more than the iPhone 13 Mini, but in the same range. The cheapest phones are the best sellers, therefore.

Note that SellCell does not think the price of the Pixel 6 will go up. The value of the latter risk indeed to continue to tumble over the months, which makes sense according to the site analysis. Indeed, iOS smartphones sell much better over time than Android smartphones where the market is more fragmented.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the iPhone 13 is better than the Pixel 6 at all. Both smartphones have great qualities and they are both worthy representatives of their ecosystem.

Source: SellCell

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