Jailbreak iOS 15: it’s complicated for iPhone XS and newer models

The jailbreak for iOS 15 is long overdue and the task will not be easy on devices with the A12 chip or newer, namely the iPhone XS and those that have been released since.

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A jailbreak of iOS 15 not so simple

On Twitter, CoolStar, which designed jailreak tools (like Odyssey and Taurine), explains that Apple has made changes to limit jailbreaking on iOS 15 as much as possible for devices with the A12 or newer chip. He doesn’t go into detail, other than to say that a jailbreak for the iPhone XS and newer models might require using new flaws with each version of iOS. Already finding a flaw is not easy, now imagine finding one and especially exploiting it every time. Few people want to do it, preferring to keep such flaws a secret.

“I think I saw it coming at some point last year while working on Taurine, but I didn’t expect it so soon. And it looks like this change is specifically for app-based jailbreaks”, adds CoolStar. It refers to the fact that recent jailbreaks are performed by opening an application directly on the iPhone.

You have therefore understood: the jailbreak of iOS 15 is long overdue. As for devices with the A9, A10 and A11 chips, the jailbreak should be easier to perform.

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