Kuo: AirPods Pro 2 with Lossless Audio Support

Ming-Chi Kuo is back to talk about AirPods Pro. The well-known analyst, in one of his usual investor notes, returned to Apple’s premium headphones and the new model expected to arrive later this year.

airpods pro 2, lossless audio

What will be the main feature of the new second generation AirPods Pro? The analyst is confident about support for Apple’s proprietary ALAC lossless codec, an important innovation that could no doubt boost sales of the product. In fact, currently no product in the AirPods line, including the AirPods Max headset, is capable of supporting this codec due to Bluetooth limitations. These limitations were the subject of a recent What HiFi interview, so it remains to be seen how Apple can get around this limitation.

The second generation of AirPods Pro could also integrate small speakers. These speakers will obviously not be designed to listen to music but to make the localization features more audible. We remind you, however, that we are only talking about speculation. In short, we’ll see in the coming months whether Kuo’s revelations are reflected in the actual product.

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