Kuo: New 15-inch MacBook in 2023, but it won’t be an “Air”

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirms a recent rumor about a 15-inch Apple laptop coming out in 2023, but the device won’t be a MacBook Air.

MacBook 15 inch, MacBook 2023

Kuo think that a 15-inch MacBook will be released in late 2023, but it won’t be called the MacBook Air. Mass production of this device is expected to begin in Q4 2023, but there are currently no further details other than the fact that it will use the same 30W power supply as the current MacBook Air, despite having a larger screen.

As for the MacBook Air line, Apple is expected to release two different versions in 2023, but apparently neither will have a 15-inch screen. It cannot be ruled out that this 15-inch model is indeed a new MacBook Pro, possibly replacing the 13-inch model.

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