LG is developing three external monitors for Apple

LG would develop three new standalone screens for Apple, including a monitor based on the current 24-inch iMac.

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According to the latest rumors, Apple plans to offer new external monitors for Mac users through the collaboration with LG. The idea is in particular to offer 24 and 27-inch Mac-based monitors, as well as a 32-inch version equipped with an Apple Silicon chip that could replace the current Pro Display XDR.

The dylandkt leaker says these displays were previously made by LG, but they are unbranded at the moment. Still, the specs are similar to the iMacs, and it’s very likely that they were ordered by Apple.

The 27- and 32-inch displays appear to be mini-LEDs with a variable 120Hz refresh rate and ProMotion technology, while the 32-inch version is said to have an unspecified Apple Silicon chip.

It would therefore be more affordable standalone monitors for users, at least for the 24 and 27 inch models, so as to offer an alternative to those who need to use external monitors with their Mac Pro. Right now, the Pro Display XDR starts at $ 5,599, a price out of reach for the average user as this model is designed for professional use.

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