Like NSO, QuaDream could spy on iPhones for foreign governments

Decidedly, Israel seems to have become the hub of solutions for spyware high level. After the enormous scandal which followed the revelations around NSO Group and its spyware Pegasus, we learned today that a second Israeli company called QuaDream also delivered a powerful digital spy tool to some foreign governments. Note that QuaDream was founded in 2016 by a former Israeli army officer… and two former engineers from NSO Group, which may explain that.

Hacker Illustration

If we believe the experts of the Canadian laboratory Citizen Lab, QuaDream would have exploited the “flaws” of iOS on which the NSO Group was already relying. Here again, the people targeted were physically incapable of realizing the espionage attempt and all the messaging or communication tools were found to be corrupted (including Signal or Telegram). Also, calls could be recorded remotely, as with Pegasus. The similarities between the two types of spyware are such that during the update last September aimed at correcting the flaw, the two software programs were inoperative at the same time.

Reuters was able to have the list of some of the countries which used the capacities of REIGN, the spyware of QuaDream: one finds Saudi Arabia and Mexico, which also used the software of NSO, but also Singapore or Indonesia.

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