macOS 12.3 beta 1 introduces new APIs for screen capture

Last night Apple made available the new macOS 12.3 beta 1 update, which in addition to Universal Control, brings a small novelty for developers.

macOS 12.3 beta 1, ScreenCaptureKit

A new API called ScreenCaptureKit appears in release notes shared by Apple, which adds high-performance screen recording support for third-party apps. As Apple pointed out, the new frame is designed to let you capture only specific content on the screen, like a specific window. With macOS Monterey 12.3, developers will have access to this new API to capture the screen more accurately.

Here is the description provided by Apple:

“Use the ScreenCaptureKit framework to add high performance screen recording support to your Mac application. The framework offers more control to select and stream only the content you want to capture. When a stream captures new video frames, it passes a CMSampleBuffer to your application that contains the video data and associated metadata. »

We remind you that Beta 1 is currently only available for developers.

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